Online CPD Video Courses in Dentistry

N.1 Italian Dental Educators

Our online video courses are all pre-recorded and delivered online in order to always be accessible. All courses issue CPD credits and include the speaker’s video as well as synched slides and various clinical case videos.

Modern endodontics: from pulp chamber opening to apical sealing

This course provides indications on different root canal filling techniques in order to easily achieve the reticular canal filling.

Price: £ 128.00


Single tooth rehabilitation in the esthetic area

This training session provides the tools to be able to choose and apply the right protocol for each specific case, understanding how to optimize the final esthetic result and minimizing the risks for complications and/or failures.

Price: £ 128.00


Extraction surgery: from teeth in the dental arch to impacted teeth

Analysis of all steps for teeth extractions through clinical videos: radiographic examinations, choice of the correct surgical instruments and all diverse techniques to face the hardest teeth extractions.

Price: £ 128.00


Implants in the treatment plan in fixed and removable prosthesis

Indications and techniques to achieve a correct biological-aesthetical-functional integration of the prosthetic implants today available.

Price: £ 128.00


Surgical treatment of bone atrophy for implant purposes: a biology rationale and operation protocols

Techniques and practical methods for bone reconstruction in all those cases in which immediate implant placement is not recommended.

Price: £ 128.00


Ceramic veneers: how to proceed to obtain treatment success

This training session is intended to improve diagnosis in order to correctly identify the critical factors in the fitting of ceramic veneers to achieve treatment success.

Price: £ 128.00