Implants in the treatment plan in fixed and removable prosthesis


Course Description

  • Diagnosis elements and treatment plan
  • The prosthetic implant: from osseointegration to aesthetic/functional integration
  • Finishing techniques
  • Case Studies: Personal experience, operation timing, priorities, common sense
What you will learn:
  • Dental diagnosis and the correct treatment plan
  • Surgical field preparation
  • How to perform a guided surgery
  • Which are the best materials and when to use them
  • How to oversee the post-surgical phase
  • How to manage compromised teeth


Dr. Cristian Coraini

Dr. Cristian Coraini

1991 – Dental technician diploma
1996 – Honours degree in Dentistry and Dental Prosthesis
2003/2005 – International Certificate Postgraduate in Implant-prosthesis and Esthetic Dentistry – New York
Since 2012 Head of the Periodontology-Implantology and Prosthesis CAD-CAM Department of the Stomatological Institute in Milan.
Winner at “Amici di Brugg” of the UTET Prize for “The clinical case I will never forget” (1998) and winner together with his technician Luca Vailati of the international prize on occlusion at the 15th ICP Worls-Congress (2013).
Active member of SIE (Italian Endodontics Association), AIG (Gnathology Italian Academy) and national Secretary of AIOM (Italian Academy on Microscopic Dentistry).
Since 2017 – Regional Coordinator of reading committe of the Magazine “The Italian Journal of Endodontics” (SIE). Published 55 articles on national and international magazines. Co-author of various chapters and monographs on endodontics, periodontology and prosthesis-implantology.
Since 2017 – Professor in Prosthesis – Department of Dental and Surgical Biomedical Science, Milan University.

Dr. Cristian Coraini has signed a declaration informing he has had no conflict of interest with any commercial party in the two years prior the recording of the course.


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