Extraction surgery: from teeth in the dental arch to impacted teeth


Course Description

This training session is intended to provide full understanding and techniques for all kinds of teeth extractions. It illustrates how to proceed on all teeth, including premolars and wisdom teeth. The types of flaps and the suture techniques to use will be fully displayed.
  • Radiographic examinations
  • Risk and incidence rate of neurological damage
  • Surgical instruments
  • Anesthesia and its goals
  • Teeth in the dental arch and impacted teeth
  • Mandibular wisdom teeth: what distinguishes the wisdom tooth from the other teeth
  • Bone resection and odontotomy
  • Maxillary wisdom teeth
What you will learn:
  • How to avoid neurological damage during surgical extractions
  • Simple and impacted tooth extractions, removal of tooth roots
  • Surgical extractions of upper and lower wisdom teeth
  • Pre and post-operative medical therapy
The course is pre-recorded and all video based. Access via internet with any device (computer, tablet, smartphone). The course modules can be viewed in any moment and as many times needed. At the end of the course there is a multiple choice test which grants a certificate of participation with a result of 75% or higher. The multiple choice test can be taken up to 5 times. 
The course is structured in n.10 different modules, all self-instructional. Release date: June 2022


Dr. Angelo Maria Baleani

Dr. Angelo Maria Baleani

1989 - Degree in Dentistry and Dental Prosthesis – University of Ancona.
1996 – 1999: Specialization in Posturology – University of Palermo.
2005 – Postgraduate Diploma “Functions and disfunctions of the Stomatognatic system” - University of Krems.
2007 - International University Masters “INTERDISCIPLINARY THERAPY” at Donau University led by Prof. R.Slavicek as Academic expert.

Dr. Angelo Baleani has signed a declaration informing he has had no conflict of interest with any commercial party in the two years prior the recording of the course.


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