Surgical treatment of bone atrophy for implant purposes: a biology rationale and operation protocols


Course Description

This course provides indications and techniques for implant surgery starting from the first diagnosis up to the planning of the entire clinical case. 
  • Diagnosis and planning of the clinical case
  • Vertical and horizontal guided bone regeneration
  • Harvesting and grafting techniques for autogeneous bone blocks
  • Split-crest bone expansion techniques
  • Maxillary sinus lift techniques with a lateral or crestal approach
  • Management of peri-implant soft tissue
What you will learn:
  • How to diagnose and plan the clinical case
  • Guided bone regeneration procedure
  • The correct techniques for performing sinus lifts, split crest and resorbable membranes regeneration
  • Peri-implant soft tissue management

The course is pre-recorded and all video based. Access via internet with any device (computer, tablet, smartphone). The course modules can be viewed in any moment and as many times needed. At the end of the course there is a multiple choice test which grants a certificate of participation with a result of 75% or higher. The multiple choice test can be taken up to 5 times. 
The course is structured in n.9 different modules, all self-instructional.


Dr.  Giacomo Tarquini

Dr. Giacomo Tarquini

Orthodontist and periodontology, implantology and oral surgery consultant.
Professor at the “Scuola Medica Ospedaliera” of Regione Lazio for ECM courses in “Sinus Lifting” and “Guided bone regeneration”.
Tutoring activity for advanced implant surgery, periodontal and oral surgery.
Lecturer in numerous national conferences.
Author of many articles in national and international magazines.

Dr. Giacomo Tarquini has signed a declaration informing he has had no conflict of interest with any commercial party in the two years prior the recording of the course.


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